High Power Energy of EAF in meltshop - Khouzestan Steel Company - Ahwaz

Company ASM Automation again received a project for a Steelmaking plants KSC in Iran.

The meltshop of company KSC consists of six furnaces with a capacity of 180 tons, three LF and equipment for continuous casting - Two double strands slab continuous casting machins, a six strands bloom continuous casting machines and two six strands billet continuous casting machines. Total production of blooms, billets and slabs of steel on average 2.4 million tons.

The main task of this project was the commissioning of high power for new furnace transformer of electric arc furnace EAF No.3 with capacity 180 tons liquid steel, in system ArCos - regulation of elecrodes by the company Vatron and Process Control System Upgrade S7, WinCC. Total control setpoint, change visualization, offering a possible solution of Level 2 Process Control System.