Automatic weighing and conveying system for steelworks in Severstal, Russia

The company ASM GmbH received a contract for equipment for weighing and transport of alloying and slag materials for 125-ton furnace and FSF equipment secondary metallurgy - furnace LF.

Alloying system will be automatically weigh the material into a shaft furnace and ladle furnace from 13 containers. For weighing and trasport here will serve three conveyor belts and weighing equipment.

Alloys and ferro-alloys will be added into the steel bath and steel processing facility in the secondary metallurgy of LF. The amount of material will be prepared with the aid of weighing facilities and transport alloying materials (from the set values of Level 1 or Level 2). This device ensures bringing and the transport the required quantity of material into the furnace at the desired time. Preparation of the alloying ingredients and transport from the auxiliary container near the furnace muste be made in the systeme of this weighing equipment and transport, independent of the furnace. Due to the mix of alloy is this alloy calculated according to the Level 2 system for the FSF and LF.

The quantity and quality of the equipment must be prepared for the weighing and alloying according to the given values from the Level 2.