SAF furnace in Barro Alto, Brasil

Since October 2010 our company collaborates with the German partner. This company is specialized in commissioning of new plant for the produciton of ferro-alloy-FeNi in Brazil.

It is the technology of production of nickel from ores rich in nickel content. This ore is mined in the area of newly-built factory, where the ore deposits are approximately 123 M tun with 1.5% Ni with the extraction in 25 years. Planned production is 36 k tun Ni from FeNi.

The specific activity of our ASM Automation team is to support PC and PLC software specialists and business colleagues from SMS Siemag AG during the commissioning of reduction furnaces SAF in the factory, located about 50 km from Barro Alto.

The project continued as well as in 2011 with the scheduled commissioning for April 2011. After the switch to automatic mode our PLC Software Specialists will stay here because of commissioning of the second same type of furnace in the second part of the factory.