A new office in Ostrava, Czech Republic

Posted: 01.04.2011

Since April 2011 was opened a new office of ASM Automation in Ostrava. Official name is the Technological centre.

The plan for this office is to have a PC and PLC programmers on this place and be a strategic point for the future cooperation with not only steelworks in Ostrava.

SAF furnace in Barro Alto, Brasil

Posted: 27.03.2011

Since October 2010 our company collaborates with the German partner. This company is specialized in commissioning of new plant for the produciton of ferro-alloy-FeNi in Brazil.

It is the technology of production of nickel from ores rich in nickel content. This ore is mined in the area of newly-built factory, where the ore deposits are approximately 123 M tun with 1.5% Ni with the extraction in 25 years. Planned production is 36 k tun Ni from FeNi.

Automatic weighing and conveying system for steelworks in Severstal, Russia

Posted: 30.09.2010

The company ASM GmbH received a contract for equipment for weighing and transport of alloying and slag materials for 125-ton furnace and FSF equipment secondary metallurgy - furnace LF.

Alloying system will be automatically weigh the material into a shaft furnace and ladle furnace from 13 containers. For weighing and trasport here will serve three conveyor belts and weighing equipment.

Equipment for the production of DRI for Hosco company

Posted: 31.08.2010


Our company ASM Automation has received project from our longtime bussiness partner, company PIKE AUTOMATION spol. s r.o. which provides project management and service and technical support in the production of iron and steel.

The contract deals with the interconnection of two levels of automation - Level 1 and Level 2 for production facilities at DRI in Hosco company.


Meltshop EAF and LF for Brach, Bremen

Posted: 30.06.2010

German company ASM GmbH received a project from business partner Brach - Bremen.

The project dealt with the technical consultation and development of IT network for the primary metallurgy equipment of the electric arc furnace EAF and secondary metallurgy equipment - LF furnace.

Rolling mill in company - Khouzestan Oxin Steel Co, Ahwaz, Iran.

Posted: 31.05.2010

Our company received a contract with the Iranian company - Khouzestan Oxin Steel Co., Ahwaz - Iran.

This company is the first producer of wide steel plates in the Middle East. The main aim of the company is to produce different kinds of steel plates with different thickness high strength and unique in Iran and in Middle East. These steel plates are used to produce oil and gas pipes of large diameter, in the shipping industry, for industrial steam boilers, high pressure tanks and storage tanks for petroleum and chemicals.

This company is also specialized in various operations as: Direct Reduction melting and wide slab casting and producing wide plates.

MSR - electrical engineering for the steel plant - Dragon Steel

Posted: 31.05.2010

German copmany ASM Automation GmbH solved project for our partner. It was contract for electrical engineering for Dragon Steel company.

Range of support from our specialists of ASM Automation GmbH was P & I-Diagram, scheme development, connection and creation of new documentation.

High Power Energy of EAF in meltshop - Khouzestan Steel Company - Ahwaz

Posted: 31.03.2010

Company ASM Automation again received a project for a Steelmaking plants KSC in Iran.

The meltshop of company KSC consists of six furnaces with a capacity of 180 tons, three LF and equipment for continuous casting - Two double strands slab continuous casting machins, a six strands bloom continuous casting machines and two six strands billet continuous casting machines. Total production of blooms, billets and slabs of steel on average 2.4 million tons.

LD Converter

Posted: 01.03.2010

Another implemented project was for our long-standing customer, offering a wide range of metallurgical equipment from blast furnaces for produce steel, electrical alternating and direct furnaces, converters, furnaces for secondary devices - LF furnace, vacuum equipment, to rolling mills for hot and cold rolling used in rolling mills. This project was called LD converterd.

Furnace for the production of DRI by SKS in Bandar Abbas

Posted: 31.08.2009

An interesting project was received by our company in partnership with SKS - Bandar Abbas - Iran. The contract was related equipment for the production of pellets DRI (Direct Reduced Iron).

The main task of our experts was the development of Core A + B incl., Process Control System, ABB 800xA, solutions of automation for alloying and material transport, suction system, technical support and electrical engineering.